Cooper Joél Penn

People are infinitely knowledgeable and infinitely teachable.

At the intersection is the solution to every problem,
but navigating it is a lesson in humility and patience.


Graduate Studies

Projects completed during my Graduate program in Design Management

DMGT 720 - Design Innovation Development and Marketing Strategies

We as a team of five wanted to better understand the needs around food deserts. But more importantly we wanted to understand the mindset surrounding healthy eating.

It was very important we learned why people were making poor choices about the food they ate and how to better provide them with healthier options as well as a reason to eat better.

Every day we choose what to eat, when to eat, and where to get the food. Influence is a crucial factor in making those decisions, whether based on time, friends, family, or early experiences in our lives. We instinctively try to create communities around food that teach us or allow us to teach others. Support systems that attempt to alleviate the stress of figuring out what’s for dinner.

SDES 704 - Applied Theory in Design

Our team wanted to understand the difficulties people have with being active. Based on what we learned, and how we understood that data, our approach was to focus on the passive or fun ways to engage people into participating in physical activities in their everyday life.

Street Pact is a way for a city, in this case the city of Savannah to encourage physical activity among anyone who walks down the street. At the core of the product lies the idea of fun and often nostalgia.

Street Pact is a passive way to burn some calories without actively perceiving it as a rigorous workout.

SDES 791 - Char-Broil

SCAD Startup - Week sprint

SCAD StartUp is a yearly event hosted by FLUX - the UX club in collaboration with SCAD+. 
Students are challenged to come up with a product or service concept based on a theme, and are given a toolkit of product design and service design sources to utilize. Each teams final deliverables are presented in the form of a slide deck which they present to a panel of judges that serve as mock investors.

6 Judges - Students will present to a panel of judges from a variety of influential companies at the final pitch. Judges will offer critique and guidance on their projects. 

30+ Mentors -Throughout the week mentors from within and outside of SCAD will be available for guidance on business ideas and design direction. 

1 Week -7 days. 168 hours to work collaboratively as a team and create their own solution to the challenge presented at the kickoff.

Joy is your one-stop solution for finding the right neighborhood when moving into an unfamiliar city. We help you connect with your future community even before you get there.

Joy is your one-stop solution for finding the right neighborhood when moving into an unfamiliar city. We help you connect with your future community even before you get there.

Everyone goes through the stressful experience of finding the right space to call home. The amount of information available today can be overwhelming and one wrong decision can be costly. You not only get anxious about leaving your current life behind but you cannot stop searching for the right answers.

These are questions 40 million people in America ask every year during their move.

Joy matches you to your future neighborhood based on your personality and preferences making connecting to your next community as seamless as catching up with an old friend.

Mason is being relocated to Atlanta for work. She knows little about the area other than the company headquarters and has no connections in the city.

With JOY, Mason is able to browse through neighborhoods based on her profile preferences.

Using our platform she is matched, much like a dating service, to possible neighborhood profiles.

When Mason selects her preferred neighborhood, we get her in touch with Jonathan our partner broker in the area to help her find the perfect living space.

Now that Mason has found the right house she begins the moving process. We surprise her with a care package filled with smells of home and other goodies.

We then contact our JOY Ambassador Rick, Mason’s new old friend, the one she has never met but has known her whole life. Rick is someone who has a great connection to the neighborhood and can welcome Mason into the community.

He is the key component to the onboarding process in our customer's transition from the unfamiliar to being part of the community.

Community, Family, and Love. A few of the important things that make a HOUSE feel like a HOME.

DMGT 706 - Idea Visualization

Having a great idea is only part of the solution. So many great inventions are created, but most end up on the cutting room floor because it was not explained well to investors or customers. You have to create buy-in. Learning how to visualize ideas to better explain concepts is essential to convincing those with the keys to unlock the doors.

Design Managers operate the grey area between design and business. Using multidisciplinary skills to open lines of communication, they facilitate the creating and sharing of innovative ideas across various teams, building on insights and distilling those insights into the best design criteria.

Given a few days to research the effects of tax cuts on the GDP, the class was tasked with expressing an idea and backing it up with substantial facts. The infographic would be accompanied by a one minute video.

DMGT 702 - History and Interpretation of Innovation

Using the learning from the quarter we were asked to create teams of two and come up with an original innovation within a short time period to present. We chose to look at the issues arising in the new area of eSports. The video was created through a mix of pulled footage, a little extra motion graphics work, and added voice-over.

IDUS 711 - Contextual Research

Exploratory assignment to generate an umbrella question used to create a research matrix by gathering secondary research and creating a problem and opportunity statement.

You can see the full process book of our 8 week class assignment here.


I want to solve social problems by creating innovative company strategies that can make a difference in people's lives.


Research and Design


Senator Janelle K. Sarauw

Young, educated, gay, and Virgin Islands royalty, Senator Sarauw, then candidate Sarauw, had an uphill battle to the 32nd Legislature. With new ideas and a fresh take on policy, she is the obvious choice, but the majority pushed back-- A big challenge for all young Virgin Islanders desperate for change. All of the imagery and video work was shot and edited by me.

LUVU Brand

Let’s talk about sex. Certainly one of the more difficult subjects to discuss, however an important one when it comes to the health and well-being of any person. A 10 year old brand that held a stigma around its company needed to redesign its image drastically as the company went public. An interesting and very fun challenge. Minus the old work, all of the imagery and video work was shot and edited by me.


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