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Who you are is just as important as what you do.


Currently in Process

Highlights of my current classes during my M.A. in Design Management. At the end of the quarter I will place a process book with all projects.

706 - Idea Visualization

Having a great idea is only part of the solution. So many great inventions are created, but most end up on the cutting room floor because it was not explained well to investors or customers. You have to create buy-in. Learning how to visualize ideas to better explain concepts is essential to convincing those with the keys to unlock the doors.

Given a few days to research the effects of tax cuts on the GDP, the class was tasked with expressing an idea and backing it up with substantial facts. The infographic would be accompanied by a one minute video.

Design Managers operate the grey area between design and business. Using multidisciplinary skills to open lines of communication, they facilitate the creating and sharing of innovative ideas across various teams, building on insights and distilling those insights into the best design criteria.

711 - Contextual Research

Designing a product is a great achievement. The vast majority of creators will do so because they want to or they think they know the answer. What the vast majority of creators miss is the understanding of why. If we start with the what we may never know the true reason of why and the "why" is what we are intrigued by as design thinkers. Contextual research gives us the tools to organize our thoughts into logical questions and techniques to lead us systematically to insights.

704 - Applied Theory in Design (In Process)

After the initial research, designers being to go through the analysis and synthesis of what was captured in order to begin seeing solutions to various pain points within the system. As designers look at our theories in a way that informs and guides the management of the design process.

720 - Design Innovation Development and Marketing Strategies (In Process)

With Contextual Research and Applied Theory in Design finished, we learned how to apply the process to the real world and dig into the business aspects of starting a new venture. This course presented the principles of project planning and implementation critical to forming a profitable and successful new business entity. We were tasked with develop original design concepts that would be viable on the market.


I want to solve social problems by creating innovative company strategies that can make a difference in people's lives.


Community Driven : Design Thinking


Senator Janelle K. Sarauw

Young, educated, gay, and Virgin Islands royalty, Senator Sarauw, then candidate Sarauw, had an uphill battle to the 32nd Legislature. With new ideas and a fresh take on policy, she is the obvious choice, but the majority pushed back-- A big challenge for all young Virgin Islanders desperate for change.

LUVU Brand

Let’s talk about sex. Certainly one of the more difficult subjects to discuss, however an important one when it comes to the health and well-being of a well adjusted person. A 10 year old brand that held a poor stigma needed to redesign its image drastically as the company went public. Learn how I helped make the transition.


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