Luvu Brands

Changing Perspectives


Luvu Brands needed to grow their mainstream audience after going public. The goal was for major retailers, such as Walmart, Wayfair, and Target, to stock their stores with the products from Luvu’s three brands. The Creative Director, brought me on as an Art Director to develop the visuals needed to elevate the brand on all of their platforms. Print, product, web, and social media content were designed for the new marketing strategy, empower women and strengthen relationships. Consistency was the primary focus for Jaxx Beanbags. With various photographers and creatives at the lead over the years, the visuals did not line up with the brand. The team created a modern, edgy feel for the young adult leaving for college or moving into their first apartment. Luvu added a new line of outdoor furniture for the more active individuals, with camo print options and a new type of heavy duty stitching for increased durability.

Set design, lighting, and talent were all significant facets of my role beyond capturing the imagery. I diversified the pool of models, adding different races, sexual preferences, and body types to the brand. Meeting with this new pool of talent as well as organizing diverse group discussions helped the team better understand what the consumer wanted from the product, what was typically wrong, and what made them excited about the company. The directive was very successful leading to significant retail representation and new magazine coverage. To continue the growth, we also created new avenues for consumers to connect with the company with new videos, creative ads, and box imagery for store shelves.

  • Company went public
    • No longer individual decision making
    • Board demanded a broader market share
  • New perspective
    • Transition brand image
    • Reduce taboo factor
    • Empower women
    • Focus on strengthening relationships
  • Diversity
    • Research needs of different genders, races, sexualities, and body types
    • Find talent that fills those needs
    • Create content that empowers a diverse group of customers
  • New Platforms
    • Reworked box design that showcases new imagery, illustrations, and copy
    • Increased flexibility of magazine coverage
    • Video blog


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