My Vision

Social Change through Design.


People are infinitely knowledgeable and infinitely teachable. At the intersection is a lesson in humility and patience. Engineers will always attempt to solve a problem like engineers, designers like designers, and businesspeople like businesspeople. My passion is in facilitating the conversations between incredibly knowledgeable people and allowing multidisciplinary teams to share knowledge and perspectives otherwise ignored. As I lead and drive these teams towards understanding each other, they will reach better solutions. Mediating this process is hard, and often uncomfortable. Critique of one's ideas can be challenging to navigate, especially when steeped in their own biases and beliefs. However, it is necessary for building empathy. Leading otherwise stubborn individuals into utilizing insight in their approaches to problem-solving is incredibly fulfilling. And I want to solve problems; problems with solutions that have a lasting impact in positive ways for people.

In closing, I wish to bring it back to the intersection of knowledgeable and teachable. Given how quickly trends shift, how vast in variety personalities are, and taking consideration of the variables that are present in the world, while I continue to find myself leading I also need to keep learning, and that makes me an incredible asset.


Cooper Penn
Creative Director