Track days

We spent a day on the track at Road Atlanta in Braselton, GA with N2 Track Days, LLC. We spoke with a Director of N2, Dan, and riders from Novice to Professional about the benefits and joy of riding on closed course tracks. The common theme focuses on their ability to push the limits of their bikes and themselves in a safe environment. 

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Ryan Dickerson - #147

Meet Ryan Dickerson; motorcycle enthusiast, racer, control rider.  He talks about what brought him off the street and onto the track and a bit about the trackday culture.

How to Model Liberator

Adam and Victoria give us a little incite into what it takes to be a Liberator model

Oddo Leatherwork

Sasha talks a bit about his upbringing in Russia and what inspired him to take up the craft of Leatherworking.  He goes into detail about how he started focusing on erotic leatherwork for Liberator and how he believes that he is helping couples keep intimacy in their relationships.

St. John 60th Anniversary Carnival Celebration

We traveled down to the U. S. Virgin Islands for St. John's 60th Anniversary Celebration. This project was centered around the always-crowd-favorite We N' Dem Jumbies carnival troupe for their 10th anniversary celebration. The troupe grows substantially every year and with the loss of one of their key members, Tony "Toro" Romano, they felt the need to honor him. This was done not only through celebration but by immortalizing him here in this video.

behind the monitor with kevin powell

We talk to Kevin Powell about his work at Hirez Studios in Alpharetta, GA. He tells us about his journey in the Game Design world and what it is like to be a Level Designer at one of the most successful and award-winning game design studios in the country. 

top of the line ryderz anniversary

We took a weekend trip, with the Atlanta chapter of Top of the Line Ryderz-TLR, down to Tallahassee for the Motorcycle Club's 5th Anniversary Celebration. Though it was extremely hot, we managed to have a good time and we were able to learn new things and meet a lot of really good people. The organized ride to the BBQ/Picnic was in honor of Veterans. All the proceeds went to nonprofits associated with veterans in need.


Tyra Banks Dark Side

Cooper collaborated with Udo Spreitzenbarth Photography and the multi-talented Tyra Banks to create this stunning Fashion Film. Cooper was able to help Udo bring his vision to life through his experience with lighting and editing.. This project was a 2014 Miami Fashion Film Festival selection and has been featured in various media outlets. 

Jenna Dewan Tatum

Harlem Noir

Gabe Saporta





Cooper collaborated with Charlie Wan, a great friend and awesome mentor, to create this captivating Beauty Film. Under Charlie's tutelage, he was able to create a moving story about metamorphosis. This project received the award for "Best Makeup" at the 2012 La Jolla Fashion Film Festival. 

Red on Red

Timo Weiland Spring13

WK 360 - Gallery Show

Bernardo "Packable Down Coat" FW 2012

V76 by vaughn promo