Not Made for the Street

Slow is Smooth, Smooth is Fast


N2 Track Days was trying to showcase a lifestyle that is fun and more importantly, saves lives.

The motorcycle community, especially in Atlanta, is notorious for dangerous riding through the city. I-20 is littered with motorcycle parts from riders "blasting" down the highway, zigzagging in between other motorists, inevitably making a life altering mistake. Having just started riding with a motorcycle club in the city, I was in a position to reach an audience the north east company N2 did not have easy access too. I was also hoping to keep my friends safe.

The collaboration was very successful in helping to educate an audience otherwise averted to riding on a closed track by creating a small closed marketing strategy offering discounts and classes for first-time track riders and changing how people thought about operating a motorcycle.

Our friend Bryan Houston was in an accident when a car turned out in front of him. After a few harrowing nights, and multiple surgeries he is now back on his feet, but forever changed.