The world is connected and watching.


It used to be much harder to reach and out touch your clients. Now, there is a level of connectivity between business and clients that has never been more conducive to positive engagement. Customers are becoming ambassadors to organizations, treating the company like a friend they interact with on social media platforms daily. This means companies need to have a strong identity, one that gives them the presence of a person.


LUVU Brands

When LUVU brands approached Cooper, the company had recently went public and the shareholders wanted better market saturation. This meant getting large retailers like target, to stock the product on their shelves. Liberator needed a complete brand overhaul, focusing on empowering women and creating strong bonds among individuals in long relationships. JAXX Beanbags needed a cohesive visual offering. Though established, the brand suffered from a lack of focused direction, understanding who their target audience was and what they in turn wanted. Avana Comfort was ground up brand development. 


  • Target, Walmart, and other major retailers began carrying the product online and eventually on store shelves.
  • Magazines such as Esquire and Rolling Stone accepted advertising.
  • Brand recognition in mainstream media.



Interested in elevating their brand, the young auxiliary of 100 Black Men of America selected me from hundreds of candidates as a Creative Director under the communications committee. The organization had grown rapidly and needed to solidify their brand image. I was one among doctors, engineers, sports agents, and more than a few lawyers. As a member, I attended all events and meetings, but while I would participate, I would also make sure to capture the events authentically for use on various platforms and for future philanthropic needs. A few projects included Kicks 4 the City, MLK Garden Project, and the Delta Corporate Roundtable. Along with these events, I took professional portraits of members for use in spotlight editorials. 100 Black Men of America were also interested in using my work for their Annual Report.

Emerging 100 of Altanta

Gifft Hill School, St. John

Gifft Hill School went through a few changes over the years. It became apparent during the discussion with Dr. Laurie, the Director of the school, that the concept was unclear and needed to be reworked. She wanted to solidify the mission and vision in an easily consumable and more presentable way. 
We agreed that three video deliverables would best break down the three facets of the school and would be a great promotional piece for donors. I supplemented these videos with still content used for print and social media campaigns.

Though hard fought, Senate Candidate Janelle K Sarauw was awarded the 15th seat in the 32nd Legislature of the Virgin Islands. Since I was acutely aware of who she was and stood for, I was hired as Communications Director on her staff. The transition to controlling all information leaving and entering the office made sense. The major shift here was understanding how government works, and how to adjust information leaving the office. We shifted from campaigning to policymaking. It was now more about solving problems and promoting solutions while also engaging the other 14 sitting senators. We needed to creating allies for initiatives. Though design and creative content were still a major part of telling the story and sending the right message, networking and social interaction became a much more important part of my role, as well as copywriting. Finding allies that could feed me important information on upcoming legislation or initiatives that were working and needed backing. Staying ahead of everyone else has been the challenge considering we entered office 6 months behind the 14 other senators.

Senator Janelle K Sarauw


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