Summer's End Marina

Community Support


Rick Barksdale and Chaliese Summers of the Summer's End Marina, head the development of a large marina positioned on the east side of St. John in the US Virgin Islands. It would be the only marina on the smallest of the three US Virgin Islands.
The development had stalled for years mostly due to the community being split on its effects for the people of St. John. Racial tension between the generational/native St. Johnians, established transplant Americans, and affluent "snowbird"/villa and condo crowd grew fever pitched during discussions of the project.

The Summer's End Marina hired me as a bridge, but also to help steer the project towards a greater understanding in how the marina could be a boon and was essential to the well being of the island itself. Though I have also been offered a position to strategize the brand of the marina moving forward, we have focused on convincing the Army Corp of Engineers to allow the project to break ground. This was done through testimonials edited into a long-form video that explains the various positions and importance of the project to the local population of St. John.

Video available upon request

Video available upon request